The Quick & Easy Way I Save Hundreds on Travel (& How You Can, too!)

Literally if you don’t listen to anything else I talk about on this blog; listen to me today. Today’s post is pretty self explanatory, but super exciting. For a while I’ve been meaning to blog about how I easily, quickly, instantly and effortlessly save hundreds on travel. To be specific, so far I’ve INSTANTLY saved […]

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6 Ways to Master Traveling on a Budget

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After years of traveling and travel planning I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to save money while booking travels. Here are a few of my favorite travel resources!

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How to Get Really Cheap International and Domestic Flights

Recently I flew to Cancun, Mexico ($27.00), California, Puerto Rico, and Panama City with Southwest Airlines all for $11.20 each ROUNDTRIP? Yes, you read that correctly. I flew roundtrip ($5.60 each way) to each of the places listed above. There seems to be this false perception that traveling is expensive. Which is probably why my most frequently […]

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