Where to Get the Best Views of the Eiffel Tower

View of Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Paris is always a good idea. And what’s one of the  first things to come to mind when planning a trip to Paris? The Eiffel Tower! So here are the best spots to view the famous monument while in Paris. (If you’re currently in the planning process be sure to check out my Paris Travel Guide) Arc […]

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8 Ultimate Essentials You Should Never Travel Without

8 Ultimate Essentials You should NEVER travel without! You need these items for your next trip!

I often get asked if I have any packing tips for traveling, what my favorite travel items are or what items I never travel without, so I thought it would be good to share with you guys a few things I can’t live without. Especially since it’s spring break season which means lots of you […]

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Don’t Travel as Much as You Want? Here’s how to Fix it.

When people find out I’m always traveling, one of the first things they say to me is “Lucky, I wish I could travel!” & I always tell them you can.  There’s a lot of different excuses  reasons why they can’t travel as much as they want to, or don’t travel as much as they want to..so if you’re one of those people you’re […]

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