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French quarter new orleans. unique parisian scenery

I started this travel blog the fall of 2016. One of my friends I met after moving to Florida commented on my Instagram picture of me traveling and said “You’re always traveling! You should start a travel blog & do reviews and give travel advice!” & here we are today! The site has evolved a little since then. I always get asked how I travel so much, so my site focuses on traveling more without having to spend more. Yes, it is possible to travel on a budget!

With all of the great travel information on the web I’m glad you chose to visit my travel site. If you’re looking for some tips on traveling on a budget, how to find cheap flights, travel while working full time, or the best travel resources then follow those links.

Did I mention I’m also a travel planner? With that being said I want to help inspire people to travel more, and travel better. Check out some of my most helpful posts.

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