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About the blogger:

Hi, Welcome to my site! I’m Diam from Ohio but I live in Florida! How did I get to Florida? Well, the semester after I completed my Bachelors degree I was accepted into this AMAZING internship at Walt Disney World known as the Disney College Program (DCP). I was an intern at Disney in Hollywood Studios for 8 months, and once my DCP was over I decided to stay in beautiful, sunny Florida. I mean who wouldn’t wanna stay right?

 I am also a travel planner, & a major foodie so occasionally on my blog I like to post about fun or bizarre foods that I travel to find and eat!

So far I have explored 31 states, 14 countries on continents, and many many islands all while knocking big adventures off of my bucket list!


I have been traveling since I was a child, and now as a young adult I have a serious case of wanderlust, which is very contagious as I have passed it along to all of my friends and also to everyone who comes in contact with me:)

Follow along as I navigate one adventure at a time while highlighting the ease of travel and encouraging you to travel more!

You can also find me on Youtube!

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