How to Avoid Airport Parking Fees

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When I first moved to Florida 3 years ago I was flying home alotttt, like 4 or 5 times a year. It was my first time actually having to take myself to the airport & I did not want to pay 17-30$ per day (aka $119-$210 per week, thats another flight basically!) to park my car at the airport, so one day before my flight I googled how to find cheap airport parking & cheap airport parking & came across

How to Find Cheap Airport Parking to save money while parking your car at the airport is a site that helps you find cheap airport parking by connecting you with super cheap offsite parking lots (safe, secure and well lit) & the lots are super close to the airports. The site compares rates which lets travelers like you and me find cheap airport parking for every major airport in the USA. Not only do they offer super cheap airport parking, but they also provide free roundtrip shuttle transportation to the airport! They basically do all of the work for us, all we have to do is show up ready to fly!

How does work?

The site is super easy to navigate. The homepage will ask you to enter the airport you’re flying from and the dates. Once you click search it’ll bring up all of the results for cheap airport parking for your city.| avoid airport parking fees| cheap airport parking| airport tips| travel on a budget


As you can see from the screenshot above the airport parking prices are super cheap. Only $3.99 per day for safe, secure, parking! Way cheaper than parking at the airport. Using this for a week is nearly cheaper than the price of one day of airport parking at certain airports. I’ve even paid as little as $2 per day to valet park my car.

You can filter your search results by self parking, valet parking, covered parking lot, and uncovered parking lot. You can also view your results based on lowest price, closest to airport, most popular, or parking lots with the best ratings. To read the reviews on any lot all you have to do is click on it. Since I fly from the same airport almost all the time I filter mine based on lowest price because I’m already familiar with the offsite airport parking in my city, so my main goal is to save money. I also usually select the self parking option because its a few dollars cheaper than valet, but a lot of times I’ve chosen valet because at some off site parking lots valet parking is the same price as self parking.

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After you select your parking lot and your parking option (valet or self) it will take you to the check out screen where you will pay for the reservation. The nice thing about Airport Parking Reservations is that you can pay in advance, so when you show up at the lot all you do is park your car and get on the shuttle and go. A few times I have parked with a lot that only wanted me to pay $3.99 deposit, and then I paid the remainder once I got to the parking lot. Also on the check out screen is an option to enter a coupon code. One thing I love about is that they ALWAYS have a discount code! I get one sent to my email about a few times a month, which means I’m saving more on top of already cheap parking rates.

Day of departure

On the day of departure arrive at the parking lot, since it is recommended to arrive at the airport about 2 hours before your flight be sure to arrive even an hour or so earlier to accommodate parking time. So if your flight is at 7am, you should be arriving at the parking lot no later than 4am. If it is a holiday season or peak travel time you will want to get there early because there are tons of other travelers there so there may be a line to at the office. Once you get there you will go inside the office and let them know you are there. If you have a balance remaining you will pay it at this point before boarding the shuttle. If you chose self parking you will be told where to park your vehicle, and if you have chosen valet they will park your vehicle for you then the shuttle will take you to the airport. The parking lot attendant will give you a card with the phone number and the space where your car is parked in case you forget. The lots are conveniently located super close to the airport so it’s no more than a quick 5-10 min drive. After you return back home from your trip, you will simply call the number given to you by the attendant before you left and the shuttle will come get you and take you back to your car. Almost all of the offsite parking lots are open 24/7,  so even if you have a red eye or an early morning flight you’ll be covered.

Quick sidetone: Again, since we are talking about  saving money on travel you know I highly recommend doing any online bookings with EBATES. If you’re unfamiliar with EBATES it is a site that provides cash back for things you buy online anyway. (As you can see below they are currently offering up 10 percent cash back for Airport Parking Reservations) So not only are you gonna save up to 70 percent on your cheap airport parking but you are also going to get 10 percent cash back in your pocket!  So far I’ve got almost $500 in cash back from Ebates. They are currently offering $10 in cash just for signing up!  Sign up here for a $10 welcome bonus!

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These tips also work for cruises. Follow the tips to save money on cruise port parking and avoid the expensive fees.

Click here to reserve cheap airport parking for your next trip with

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What’s the most you’ve paid for airport parking? Let me know in the comments!

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13 thoughts on “How to Avoid Airport Parking Fees

  1. This is so cool! Shame it’s only for the U.S! My closest airport is Geneva, Switzerland, and with bad public transport we have no choice but to park at the airport. We pay around $120-$130 for a week…sucks! lol


  2. OMG this is incredible! Yes offsite parking lots can save SO MUCH MONEY. I go to the Denver airport and rely on their offsite parking to save some serious money – especially when I take long trips.

    Transportation from Vail to Denver Airport can be SO expensive in and of itself – so it’s surprising I can actually save money by driving to DIA & parking at an offsite location.



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