6 Awesome (& FREE) Things to do on The Las Vegas Strip

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I just returned from my 3rd trip to Vegas (only paid $12 roundtrip!!! Find out how here) & while it’s very easy to quickly spend money in Las Vegas, and I don’t just mean gambling, Vegas is definitely a foodie oasis, there are still ways to have fun in vegas without spending a dime! & if you are under 21 in Las Vegas do not worry,  you can do almost everything on this list!

Wildlife Habitat at The Flamingo

wildlife habitat with flamingos at Harrah's in Las Vegas

A fun attraction for everyone! Here you’ll find exotic animals including beautiful flamingos. Everyones loves flamingos right?

Fremont Street Experience

Picture street shows from NYC and New Orleans multiplied by 100, that’s exactly what Fremont Street in Las Vegas is made of.  They also have an attraction that allows you to zip line the entire street! There’s also free live concerts on Fremont Street all summer!

Water Show at The Bellagio


Seven Magic Mountains


Seven Magic Mountains is a temporary art exhibition literally in the middle of the desert (It’s leaving May 2018, so get there before then). There’s 7 locally sourced stacked boulders that are between 30 to 35 feet tall and they represent “human presence in the dessert”, but most importantly it’s cool to look at! FYI: It is literally in the middle of the desert so definitely be sure to bring water with you and dress appropriately.

Volcano Eruption at The Mirage

There are tons of hot shows on the strip and this is one of the hottest (because it’s a volcano haha)! The Volcano Eruption at the Mirage features two volcano systems and even it shoots flames in the air! Perfect for everyone!

Pool Clubs

Since it’s about 100 degrees or more in Las Vegas, pool time is definitely needed. There are numbers of pool parties on the strip that are open to the public! One of the newest pools is at the Linq Hotel! The pool parties feature DJ’s, cocktails, and fun!

Have you been to Vegas? What’s your favorite thing to do there?


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