No Passport No Problem: How to Experience Europe Without a Passport

No Passport No Problem! Heres How You can experience Europe without a passport!

Europe is a really desirable vacation destination, but I understand not everyone can hop on a 8 hour flight and go to Europe all the time. So, here are a few ways to experience Europe (without a passport) right at home in the States!

No Passport? No Problem! Here's how you can experience Europe with no passport at all!

Travel Without A Passport

New Orleans, LA for France

French Quarter of New Orleans Louisiana

Everything about New Orleans aka The Big Easy  (which is definitely one of my favorite cities in the states) screams France. From the language to the architectural style to the balconies in the French Quarter you can feel the French influence all around you. & of course we can’t forget about the food!  The small cafe’s that line the streets of the French Quarter are reminiscent of a Parisian street. Be sure to try stop at Cafe Beignet for a beignet (or 10 I won’t judge), you’re taste buds will thank you.


French quarter new orleans. unique parisian scenery

Tarpon Springs, FL for Greece

Beach in Nafplio, Greece

Want to visit Greece, but don’t have a passport? Well, it is possible to get a taste of the Mediterranean in …. Tarpon Springs, Florida! This city is actually home to the highest percentage of Greek Americans. There’s tons of authentic Greek dishes, but best of all there’s delicious Baklava.

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New Glarus, WI for Switzerland

new glarus hotel

A 10 hour flight is not needed to experience Switzerland. New Glarus, Wisconsin is full of Alpine Style. From the architecture to the food to the cultural events you’ll feel like you stepped right onto a street in Switzerland. If you stroll along main street around dinner time you just might catch the local Yodel Club.

Pella, IA for The Netherlands

Royal Amsterdam Hotel in Pella, Iowa

If Iowa wasn’t on your bucket list before, it SHOULD be now. The Netherlands are literally in Pella, Iowa, which is a small town with Dutch Style architecture, and the largest windmill in the United States. Each May they hold a Tulip Time Festival which is full of beautiful tulips, parades, dancing and Dutch foods! They even have a beautiful hotel called The Royal Amsterdam Hotel (pictured above).

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Leavenworth, WA or New Braunfels, TX for Germany


New Braunfels, Texas is where the immigrants settled, so it has tons of vibes to make it feel like Germany. The buildings alone will make you feel like you’re in Germany. Visit in the warmer months and you’ll get to visit Schlitterbahn, a german themed water park in New Braunfels. There’s also Leavenworth, Washington which is modeled after a Bavarian village. Here you can find traditional German Christmas markets and even Oktoberfest.

Kansas City, MO for Spain

Seville, Spain

You’ll have a feeling you aren’t in Kansas City anymore after stepping into Country Club Plaza. This area was specifically designed to mimic the city of Seville, Spain with stunning architecture, tiled roofs, and a courtyard. They even have romantic gondola rides.If you’re looking for a taste of Spain look no further.

What U.S. city makes you feel like you’re in Europe? Comment below! Share this post with your friends on Facebook and twitter!

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26 thoughts on “No Passport No Problem: How to Experience Europe Without a Passport

  1. OMG how COOL! I had no idea about Tarpon Springs, FL! I have actually been to Greece and I couldn’t even tell the difference from the pictures. I’ve driven past New Glarus, WI but we didn’t stop – we will have to go back! And I am so heading to wherever the German cities are in WA and/or TX – unless I get to Germany first 😉 Great read!!!


  2. This makes me want to visit these places to see the American how the American version of Europe compared with home!!

    It is such a cool idea. 🙂


  3. I’ve been to Spain, Switzerland, Greece and France and those images look like they were taken in those countries. Such a well thought out and creative post!


  4. I love how you spun this. I have never been on a plane but I sure can drive to a few of these places. New Orleans is definitely on my list.


    1. Thanks Kita! New Orleans is one of my favorite cities (and so is Paris)! I wanted to give other alternatives to traveling. Europe is a beautiful place, but we have some awesome locations here in the USA as well 🙂 happy travels!


  5. Very nice!!! I love Europe so much, it’s nice to know I can get that feel without traveling quite as far! Leavenworth, WA or New Braunfels, TX are intriguing me since I haven’t made it to Germany yet!


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