How to Travel More While Working Full Time Pt. 2

The first post was so popular so I decided to do a part 2 with more career paths letting you guys know it is definitely possible to travel A LOT while working full time.

Laurel from USA

1) Occupation: Healthcare lobbyist for Washington, D.C.-based trade association
2) Length of time with company: I’ve been in this field for over 20yrs, working at different organizations in the health care advocacy arena.
3) Days of travel: All my international travel is NOT job related and is personal vacation time. I typically visit an international country for vacation no less than 5 times a year. The average is about 7, and the high is every month.
4) How to travel while working full time: International travel is my number 1 favorite thing to do, really. I love exploring, meeting new people, learning and absorbing all the many benefits of travel. I maximize my vacation time (paid leave) by taking trips around federal holidays (Christmas, New Years, thanksgiving is 2 days off, 4th July, Memorial Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Presidents’ Day, MLK day etc). Airfare tends to be higher around these times but you can try to offset the costs with buying tickets earlier, using points etc. I also don’t mind a three day weekend trip. I can leave after work on Thursday and arrive in Copenhagen Friday morning and return Sunday or Monday night. I never get jet lagged going on vacation because of my excitement. However, I do crash a bit on my return. I have some habits which help. I also work very hard at work and tend to excel so it’s good to take time off.. Work hard, play hard. I’m not one to share my extensive travel or weekend getaways with work colleagues. In fact, my colleagues don’t either or they just don’t go anywhere out of the country (only one of my 6 colleagues in my work division has been (or announced) they went on an international trip in the last 3 years. I like to keep it focused on work. I also try to take vacation time when Congress is on recess so it’s less busy.
5) Places visited while working full time: These are a few countries I’ve been to in the last 14years while employed full time – Egypt, Sri Lanka, China, Russia, Ghana, South Africa, Argentina, Armenia, Georgia, Croatia, Beirut, Australia, Tahiti, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Kenya, Zanzibar, most of the Caribbean islands, all of Central America, Peru, Columbia, Ecuador, Brazil, Thailand, Oman, Jordan, Israel, UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, Spain, India,Portugal, Hungary, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Poland, Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Italy, Malta, Goza, Czech Republic, Austria, Sicily, and more.
6) Tips for those who want to travel more:  Work hard and play hard via travel. There is plenty of information on the Internet and other resources to make it happen. Caution about bragging (or readily sharing) to coworkers about your weekend in Paris in May and extended weekend in Lisbon in June with a 11 day vacation in Croatia in July. If your coworkers choose to use their vacation time on the couch or gardening then that’s them. Do you, and enjoy life!

Kim, USA

1) Occupation: Consultant
2) Years with company: 10 yrs in April
3) Estimated days of travel per year: At least 40
4) How to travel while working full time: I own a consulting company where I provide grant writing, grants management, training and technical assistance services to non-profit organizations, municipalities, schools and other organizations. I work from home because most of my clients either want me to come to them or we conduct business by phone or online. By working from home, I’m not limited in terms of a location or hours. This frees me up to work anywhere in the world as long as I have my laptop and a reliable internet connection and phone service. My flexible hours also allow me to work when I want and play when I choose. So for example, I can take tours during the day and do my writing or research at night. It’s a great lifestyle, but it also requires a lot of discipline because you can’t forget about deadline and the fact that I must still be productive even when I’m traveling.
5) Places visited while working full time: I’ve been pretty much everywhere — Dubai,UAE; Montego Bay, Jamaica; Aruba; Peru; Belize; Rio, Bahia and Iguassu Falls in Brazil; Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to name a few. I’m even able to work on while on a cruise by conducting most of my work offline and buying an airtime package to check emails once a day. Sometimes I’m capitalize on work travel like last year when I conducted training sessions in Johannesburg, South Africa for the federal government. I tagged on a few days at the end and flew down to Cape Town to explore there as well.
6) Advice for those who want to travel more: Living this type of lifestyle is fulfilling, but it also requires courage and the willingness to take risks. I resigned from my full-time job in 2007 to take a chance on myself in the consulting field. It was the scariest thing I ever did, but the greatest choice I ever made. My reward for taking that risk is a lifestyle that provides lots of flexibility and freedom to take the projects I want to work on and travel when I choose. As a mom with a 17-yr old daughter, I also have a great circle of friends and family in place who make sure I’m covered on the homefront when I’m on the road. My daughter and I travel together as much as possible, but school limits the amount of time she can spend on the road. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

Mbak, Malaysia

1) Occupation: Teacher at international school
2) Years with company:  4th year
3) Estimated days of travel per year: 13 weeks
4) How to travel while working full time: We get $750 per year for professional development. That has taken me to conferences/workshops in Borneo, Manila, Bandung, Java, Jakarta. Since I live in Malaysia we have tons of holidays and long weekends so it’s easy to fly off to one of the gorgeous islands like Langkawi or Penang or go visit Historic Malacca or pop down to Singapore, or up to Thailand….just so many options living in the center of SE Asia. Also because I live in Kuala Lumpur, even in my 3rd year, there is still so much to explore. And I live in a condo w/ a huge pool so even a Saturday can feel like I’m on vacay when lounging poolside surrounded by palms and bougainvillea.
5) Advice for those who want to travel more: For me, teaching has worked out great for travel. If I were a sports coach here I would be taking the teams around as they go internationally to Myanmar, Singapore, Indonesia to play. If I taught high school there are mock UN conferences and those teachers may go to Morocco or The Hague w/ their kids.

Shaniqua, USA

1 Occupation: H.R. Coordinator full time and Front Desk Associate at a hotel part time

2. Years with company: 1 year, 3 years for the hotel

3. Estimated days of travel per year: Ha…. I travel about every other weekend so 52 days! I have weekends off & developed this amazing group on FB, Weekend Travelers.

4. How to travel while working full time: I budget very well & am familiar with all my options then plan accordingly. I mostly work on weekdays & some weekend days if I’m not traveling. Uber is good too for flexibility purposes to make money.

5. Places you’ve been while working full time: Wow…. where to begin. Aruba & Barbados this year….. Cancun for my birthday in February….. In the U.S. I have been to Jacksonville, FL, Ponte Vedra Beach, Charlotte, Charleston, Atlanta, New York for the New Year, the DMV area, & so much more.

6. Advice for those who want to travel more: Put work 1st, budget, then search for the best deals to travel. You should pick your next destination based off of what you can afford & the best deal.

Have any travel tips for working full time? Share them in the comments! Happy Travels!!

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Hi! I'm Diam, a 24 year old Ohio native who lives in Florida and is obsessed with all things travel! I've explored 30 states, 10 countries and many many islands all while knocking big adventures off of my bucket list! I hope to inspire you to start searching for travel deals (theres tons) & remember, you don't have to be rich to travel!

4 thoughts on “How to Travel More While Working Full Time Pt. 2

  1. How much do you feel is a good deal for a trip? I usually look on Groupon and I’m trying to do the weekend thing. I’m seeing hotels for 300 and lower for two or three nights, however I still have to consider how much the flight would be and spending money.

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    1. Hey! It really depends on the location & what’s included. What places have you been looking into? Have you considered flying with spirit, frontier or JetBlue? They usually have significantly cheaper prices


      1. I’m not looking for anywhere specific. Where ever I can go for a deal and preferably somewhere I’ve never been


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