Day Trip To Nafplio, Greece

My trip to Greece was filled with so many great memories that its hard not to recount them all. Everything from the monuments, to the museums, to the pristine beaches are impressive. During my almost month long stay I explored Athens, Meteora, Corinth, Sparta, Epidavros, Cape Sounion, Pikermi, Andros Island & Beautiful Nafplio. Although these cities are about an hour apart in distance, they all felt distinctly unique in their own ways.

Nafplio, which was the first capital of Greece, is a radiant town, as well as one of the most romantic cities in all of Greece. The area has very strong Turkish, Venetian, and Frankish influences specifically regarding architecture and culture.


Things to do in Nafplio

Palamidi Fortress

The fortress of Palamidi is from the 17th century and it is was used as a prison. This fortress stands 709 feet above sea level & can only be reached by the bus tour or by hiking up 999 stairs that are carved into the rocks (totally worth it, breath taking view at top).

Palamidi Fortress and the beginning of the 999 stairs that lead to it



Out of all the beaches we visited while in Greece, the ones in Nafplio were the most amazing. The beaches were so pure and naturally beautiful. So full life of nature and so full of life.


Nafplio has much to offer. Be sure to try the ice cream, its the BEST! Also, be sure to take a look in the local shops, theres something for everyone here.

If you are planning to visit Greece, Nafplio is a MUST! Add Greece to your travel bucket list!

All pics were taken by me. All opinions are my own.

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